Introduction campaign
Introducing a new feature
Most freelancers know what their total current bank balance is. However, as a freelancer you cannot spend all the money you earn and your recent transactions don't tell you which money goes to VAT and/or invoices. With the new function 'Saldoverdeler' (balance divider) of ING you get insight of your balance.
When you can no longer keep track of all the nitty gritty details, technology can be called upon to offer a solution. Technology like object recognition can be used to create some order in all the chaos. We have used this technology as inspiration to show entrepreneurs the finer details of their finances within their financial overview.

Image/gif: 'An algorithm watching a movie trailer' - 2018
By Støj, Copenhagen-based creative coding studio
Three content video's
In this concept we created three content pieces that placed on the socials of ING. The video's explains the tool and informs the freelancer about the type of insights that are offered.
News hijack
To encourage the target group to sign up, we organised a virtual take-over of news sites, displaying articles related to the interests of the target group. The technology recognised the content of the article and appropriate graphics were then overlaid on the words and images to indicate new financial goals to set for yourself.