About the campaign
One of the biggest challenges for young adults and adults at this moment is burn-outs. As much as 1 out of 5 millennials will experience severe mental health issues that could lead to a burn-out. Interpolis, a Dutch health insurance, want to bring this down by providing the first health insurance for both physical and mental support. But first we needed to break the 'burn-out' taboo.
Three testimonials with a message
One of the most important elements in the approach for both employers and employees to prevent burn-outs is awareness. Do you know when your body is telling you it is overworked? Do you know how to recognise early burn-out symptoms in others? After extensive research, Interpolis launched a website offering more info about burn-outs and stories from people who suffered a burn-out. One of the testimonials had a famous face: Dutch artist Mr.Polska shared the story about how he pushed his body and mental health to the limit, after which he burned out.
Burn-out prevention tips trough the year
After we started the discussion we made the instagram of Interpolis a to-go channel for burn-out tips to let the conversation going.