About SFS
Today, the average person spends about 90% of their personal time looking at screens. This has a detrimental effect on sleep quality and stress levels, increasing the likelihood of a burnout or sleep problems. Screen Free Sunday is a movement that encourages people to experience a day without a phone every month. One day without a screen, as a mini detox from all the digital noise we surround ourselves with every day.
Back to the set-up screen
For the branding of SFS, I developed and utilised a concept that strips back to the basic set up screen of electronic devices. This concept was the base for the whole campaign.
We informed everybody about the SFS movement through social media, and highlighted the risk of to much screen-time in your life. To encourage people to join, we aimed to give away a free SFS-starter package, including an instagram story template and profile picture that can be used as a placeholder, informing your friends that you are taking part and wont be reachable.