Recruitment campaign
Every art academy wants to attract new talent, including Willem de Kooning in Rotterdam. Schools normally make a commercial that focuses heavily on studying, but the how you live your daily life is always a bit underexposed. To stand out form other academies we wanted to tell he whole story, so we made a campaign where students showed their life on the platform where the new makers are: on instagram.
It's always there
As every creative can admit: creativity is always there, so we ran the campaign for 24 hours long. Not only could potential new students follow the live-stream, but the content we made was used for internal presentations that where given at recruitment events.
24 students, 24 lifestyles
The brief to the students was simple: show your life. Because of the live component, a lot of spontaneous things happened. We questioned ourselves and found answers. We played and found inspiration. We made art and visited art. Biked throughout Rotterdam at day and night. We showed our hotspots and our hobbies. We discussed and and we learnt. We showed our reality, and we dreamed.
Click here to see an extented summary of the 24 hours